Monday, January 31, 2011

conan's terrifying lullabies

when conan was still on 'late night' (ah, the good old days), he used to do a bit (well maybe he still does?) where he would sing really gentle lullabies - about absolutely horrible things, part of which he would show on video (after singing "now turn baby, away from, the tv screen, away from, the tv screen"), like bear maulings and plane crashes.

since the conan/leno/nbc thing, it's really hard to find any clips of it (it was pretty hard before, even), but here is *possibly* the worst youtube video ever made. it chronicles one baby's experience with the song.

oh - the connection. well, i thought of this when we were talking about parents reading to very little babies, when they can't even tell what is being said. that's the idea behind the conan thing - it's all in the tone of voice. you could sing it the unabomber's manifesto.
anyway, enjoy.

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