Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Books that Porcheddu should angrily demand from the libs!

I vote: Tales for Little Rebels: A Collection of Radical Children's Literature


  1. I was going to add a couple of journal titles, such as _Children's Literature_ and _The Horn Book_, but it turns out that we already have access to them both through electronic subscriptions! That route really is changing the way I think about library coverage.

    BTW, I had thought that a "horn book" was a reference to a cornucopia-type thing. But no! Do a google on it--it's an old pedagogical tool for learning the alphabet, sort of like a big flat paddle with letters. Very interesting, and with overtones of catechism. Not at all what I had though.

  2. nice! it woulddd be nice to have a few hard copies if we were to build up a section, but maybe that's just the librarian in me...

    and hey, you were close about the horn thing. to me it just sounded porn-related.

  3. I just skimmed through the Denison Library's holdings in books related to children's literature, and while Denison has a few, most of the children's lit resources available through CONSORT are from the College of Wooster's library, which is not surprising, given that Wooster has a much more extensive. I recommend:
    --Keywords for Children's Literature (2011) has quickly become a highly respected scholarly resource for children's literature, but there aren't any copies available through CONSORT and only a handful through OhioLINK, some of which are non-circulating. We need this!
    --The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury (not available through CONSORT) and The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury (only available at OWU). Since college libraries don't always provide a lot of access to children's books, treasuries like the ones listed above are a great way for students to have access to a bunch of picture books/poetry all in one book.
    --The Norton Anthology of Children's Literature (2005)