Thursday, January 20, 2011

Children's Best-seller list on Regis and Kelly

A few minutes ago Kelly Ripa showed off a copy of "It's a Book" by Lane Smith (for beginning readers, published by Roaring Brook Press in 2010). She had mentioned it first several months ago, and has now received a copy from the author telling her that the book is now on the NYT Children's Best-seller List! "How timely!" I observed to the invisible sprites around me. And then Kelly got a cheer from the audience by saying "Let's take it to number one!" So we'll all watch, shall we?

If you search for the book on Amazon, you'll find the info about the book--it's only 32 pages long, and you'll see the sly premise.



  1. My partner Vince has harumphed, "So I'm an 'invisible sprite', am I? He is the reason the show was on in the first place. So there's my disclosure, baby. :)

  2. If anyone wants to check out a hard copy of the book, the Readers' Garden in Granville has a copy!

  3. has inspired dialogue!