Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Mustache You A Question...

What do you think of the latest change to Disney's dress code? While male employees were allowed to sport well-groomed mustaches beginning in 2000 (followed by cornrows a few years later), the newest change allows men to have beards and goatees, provided they're clean and professional looking, of course.  The company's last alteration to the "Disney Look" came in the summer of 2010, when female theme park employees no longer had to wear pantyhose!  In honor of this revision to the Disney Look, The Daily Beast compiled a list of Disney's "craziest corporate rules" which you can also find more information about in Janet Wasko's Understanding Disney: The Manufacture of Fantasy in a chapter titled "Corporate Disney in Action" (though it's a bit outdated now, given the recent changes to the dress code).

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