Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived

Yes, Prince Charming really is listed at #20 and Cinderella is #26.

Here are a few others that relate to our class:

Mickey Mouse #18
The Little Engine That Could #31
Alice in Wonderland #34
Bambi #41
Barbie #43
Hansel & Gretel #52
Ugly Duckling #55
Nancy Drew #62
Cat in the Hat #79

I'm very surprised that Harry Potter isn't included in this list. I'm also puzzled as to how The Marlboro Man claimed the #1 spot...


  1. Thanks for posting this, Lauren! I, too, am puzzled about Marlboro Man, but I guess they have their reasons...their book has a little chapter on each that provides the method behind the madness--it's definitely worth checking out!

    I suppose maybe Harry Potter isn't on the list because he just hasn't been around long enough? The list seems to include only those characters who have cemented a place for themselves in pop culture AND have done so for a long time. Still, it'd be interesting (and fun!) for our class to create our own list. :)

  2. (it's because harry potter EXISTS!)